$FIRE is Dump-proof!

$FIRE burns sellers wallets. We reward you MORE for holding.

0% - Tax When Buying

Day 1 - 40% Burn Tax When Selling

Day 2 - 30% Burn Tax When Selling

Day 3 and after - 10% Burn Tax When Selling

Tax Distribution: Half Burned Half Reflected to Holders

FireInu ensures the safety of its investors and protects them from any dump activity on launch. Since selling with a -40% loss is very intimidating, we expect very high returns on our first days of launch.

Buy Safely

Team Tokens Locked

We locked our team tokens to give you more confidence

Team Finance Lock

LP locked automatically on dxsale.

DxSale will automatically lock the liquidity after the pre-sale.

Check Dxsale documents

Rugscreen Report

FireInu smartcontract got a zero point on the Rugscreen test.

FireInu RugScreen Report


Token Name

Token Symbol

Total Supply

: Fire Inu


: 10,000,000,000

Pre-Sale Price

Listing Price

: 13,250,000 per BNB

: 11,925,000 per BNB







Team Tokens


Road Map

FireInu has HOT plans for the future.



  • Launch of Website and Social Media Accounts
  • Frequent AMAs with the community
  • Pre-Sale on DXSale
  • Mooning on Launch


  • Promotions on Big Platforms (Coinhunt, Coinsniper)
  • Paid Advertising
  • Marketing Partnerships
  • AMAs with trusted influencers


  • Influencer Marketing on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram
  • Sponsorships
  • Team Expansion

Full throttle

  • Poocoin Ads
  • Community Created Merch (CCM) Contest
  • Charity Giveaway
  • Partnerships


  • CEX Listings
  • FireInu Wallet
  • FireInu Official Merch
  • Meme and Art Contest (20 BNB Prize Pool)


  • FireInu Mobile Game
  • Huge Buybacks
  • Frequent Airdrops
  • Special Charity Giveaways

*Minimum 100 pre-sale

FireInu FAQ

Why I can't sell on Pancakeswap?

Since our token includes fees on each transaction, you need to set the slippage to 11-12% after Day 3
For Day 1 - 45%
For Day 2 - 35%

Trust Wallet fetches the live price from websites like CMC and CoinGecko. If a token is not listed on these sites, then TW will not display a price.

$FIRE can easily be bought on PancakeSwap. Please follow the steps below:

  • 1. Download Trust Wallet onto your mobile device
  • 2. Press Smart Chain BNB and then hit Buy
  • 3. Press on the DApps tab at the bottom and navigate to FireInu.space
  • 4. Hit Buy Now on the banner
  • 5. Press the settings icon at the top right and set slippage to 12-13%
  • 6. Enter the amount of $FIRE you would like to purchase and hit Swap
  • 7. Confirm to receive your $FIRE !

Check Our LitePaper!(Soon)

We have a clear vision about our future. We provide value begining from the launch. You can download our litepaper from the link below.